Elizabeth Craven - Leisure and Recreation

Leisure and Recreation (Formally Enrichment)

Welcome to Leisure and Recreation 

Leisure and Recreation class is one of the support classes that is provided for the Garfield Community School classes. For a half hour a day, the students are provided with a variety of experiences that help with the life role of recreation and leisure. Students participate in a meaningful range of art, leisure, and recreation activities, which can enhance the student’s quality of life. The students practice appropriate social skills and sportsmanship while engaging in fun activities.

Framework of Leisure and Recreation:

•    Students work towards a set of behavioral goals each session:

1. Be Safe

2. Be Responsible

3. Be Respectful 

•    Students receive a point for achieving these goals during the session.
 You can check out the amount of points earned on  Class Dojo.
Go to Class Dojo to get started. 

•    Once the whole class earns their target number of points,  the students receive a "FREE LEISURE DAY". A "FREE LEISURE DAY" is a day when the students may engage in the leisure activity of their choice.

Consequences for not achieving goals

Strike 1: Warning (Do you need a BRAIN BREAK to get back on task?)

Strike 2: Lose a point. Grade goes down.

Strike 3: You're out! Student will be removed from the group. SSC support might be required. 

•    A class-elected student leader directs the students in identifying their goals and calculates points.
•    Each week has a new theme of activities for a variety of skill levels
•    Each month has an Artist of the Month. Students will learn some history about the artist, the time the artist was famous, about the artist’s famous pieces of art, and will have the opportunity to produce a piece of art in the similar fashion.
•    Alternating Wednesdays and Fridays, students have the opportunity to participate in a friendship skill activity.

•   Alternating Wednesdays and Fridays, students will participate in two activities that relate to the School Improvement Advanced Goals. The goals include survival skills and writing skills.

Check out the Calendar for:
Theme of the Week

Friendship Skill of the Week

Goal of the Week

Artist of the Month

Teacher: Elizabeth Craven 

Contact Information:
Garfield Community School
10218 Arthur
Livonia, MI 48150
734-744-2810 EXT. 35004
Email: ecraven@livoniapublicschools.org