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ULS Skill of the Week

Every week the students in S.T.P. focus on one particular trait from our Universal Life Skills Curriculum. Throughout the week, students are asked to think about their work performance at their job sites and reflect on their use of the ULS Skill of the week.  Classroom lessons and activities are designed to introduce, illustrate and reinforce the skill of the week, and to better prepare students for their work sites. We encourage the students and their families to discuss the importance of these skills at home and in the community.


Worker of the Week
A Community With Character Traits

Sept. 11 - Sept. 22 = Respect
Sept.  25 - Oct.  6 = Responsibility
Oct. 9 - Oct. 20 = Grit
Oct. 23 - Nov. 3 = Empathy
Nov. 6 - Nov. 17 = Confidence
Nov. 20 - Dec. 1 = Reflection
Dec. 4 - Dec. 16 = Integrity
Dec. 19 - Jan. 12 = Minfulfness