Thoughts on Transition Planning

Nancy Yoas

What I’m all about:  The “I” in IEP.  (the individual)

I view myself as a transition teacher.

I’m trying to help my students and families think about….

What will the student replace school with once they have aged out of the public school system?

  • Job?

  • Volunteer?

  • Community Education class?

  • Add more leisure activities, such as joining a team or fitness center?

  • Microbusiness?

Whatever they do now outside of school hours will most likely stay very similar to when they are done with school.  If they usually go to church on Sunday, they still will.  If they go bowling on Monday nights, they probably still will go.  If they are on a Special Olympics team now, they probably still will.  So, what will we do to prepare this individual to fill Mondays through Fridays between the hours of 7:00 am – 3:00 pm?  Sitting on the couch is not an option.  Where to start?

  • What businesses/volunteer opportunities are close by and seem to have the right kind of people and the right kind of tasks?

  • HOW will they get there????????

  • How much support will they need?  Natural supports?  Job Coach?  Only for the first few weeks or long-term?

  • If they need support, where will it come from?