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Supported Transition Program

S.T.P. is a class designed for students in their final year of schooling. Curriculum focuses on the Universal Life Skills, daily living skills, social skills, functional math and reading skills, and worker skills.Students are taught functional skills that will enable them to become productive in the four adult life roles of citizen, worker, family member and recreation/leisure consumers. 

Students in S.T.P. participate in a variety of work settings in order to gain valuable work experience. Full time S.T.P. students have the opportunity to participate in up to three job sites. We currently have ten different work sites that the students utilize. However, work sites are chosen by the staff based on student abilities and needs.

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Valerie Dye - TeacherWestern Wayne Skill Center
8075 Ritz Ave.
Westland, MI 48185
734-744-2810 ext. 72117

Deb Fletcher - Paraprofessional 
Denise Burke- Paraprofessional
Craig Prokopchak - Paraprofessional