Western Wayne Skill Center 
Student Enrollment Process

The following process will be followed when a referral is made to the Western Wayne Skill Center. This process generally takes 2 – 3 weeks to complete if all required documentation has been submitted.


The sending district initiates the referral process for a student by contacting the Skill Center Program Specialist, Mary Jarvis, at 734-744-2810 ext. 35108.

The sending district will be asked to include the following documents with the New Student Referral Packet which will enable us to determine the appropriateness of our program for the student. Please use this checklist to make sure all required documents have been included in the folder.

  • Most recent IEP
  • Most recent Evaluation Review Committee report
  • Most recent MET* and supporting reports including
Psychological Evaluation
Social Work report (if any)
Speech report (if any)
Occupational Therapy report (if any)
Physical Therapy report (if any)
Doctor’s or nurses report for students with health impairments or for students who have an        
Individualized Health Care Plan (if any)
Individualized Health Care Plan (if student has diabetes or seizures or a life threatening health condition)        
If there are reports from private evaluators please give us contact information so that we can obtain those                         records.  

Western Wayne Skill Center Universal Life Skills Areas of Strength and Need Checklist to be completed by a staff person or persons who are familiar with the student (next page). Specifically discuss concerns related to areas of need that are most critical for the student.
Immunization records (these will be checked for completeness)
*If MET and/or Evaluation Review are unavailable or out of date the sending district will be asked to complete them before the student can be referred to the Skill Center.


The WWSC Program Specialist will review documentation and contact the local school district representative making the referral to discuss the enrollment status of the referred student.


A representative from the sending school will contact the parent/guardian with the outcome of the Records Review. If enrollment at the Skill Center appears to be an appropriate placement for the student the parent/guardian must make an appointment for their student for an interview and tour of the Skill. During the interview the student may be asked to identify classes of interest to them. Goals and objectives for the student at the Skill Center may also be discussed.

If Skill Center placement seems likely, the parent/guardian will be given the Livonia Public Schools Registration Packet at the time of the visit to the Skill Center to complete. Documents may be completed at that time or turned in at the student’s IEPT meeting.


An IEPT meeting must be convened by the sending school and the WWSC Program Specialist must be invited to attend.

The sending district must provide current documents including a copy of the IEP that places the student at the Skill Center prior to the students first day at the Skill Center.  If it is a 3 year IEP the new Evaluation/Review/Consent form and MET Summary Report with supporting reports (if done) must be included in the documentation. Students will not be allowed to attend the Skill Center until all required documents have been received.


Transportation is arranged to start by the sending district on a mutually agreed upon date by sending school and WWSC Program Specialist.