The Civil Service Support Class is community based at the Livonia Civic Center.  The students do light custodial at the Livonia City Hall, Livonia Civic Center Library and the Livonia Civic Senior Center.  The custodial skills include cleaning tables, chairs, hi/lo dusting, cleaning windows, dusting bookshelves and sweeping.  During the month of November, the class does mailings for Mayor Wright.  The students collate, fold, stuff envelopes and apply labels to the holiday mailings for the Mayor.  This job is done in the Mayor's conference room next to his office.  The Inspections Department has given the students the opportunity to do shredding work in their department.

Reading, identifying or matching vocabulary found at City Hall will be included into the skills to be taught.  Worker skills and production skill will be the focus.  Students will be taught the Livonia Public School District Character Skills. 

Career Awareness lessons will highlight entry level jobs.  The jobs include custodial, bus person, food preparation, clerical worker, laundry worker, stock worker, dishwasher and packaging worker.  The students will practice interviewing skills that includes introductions and answering interview questions.

The class will have lessons that address the Western Wayne Skill Center AdvancEd School Improvement goals.  The goals include writing personal information, reading survival signs, IEP goal awareness and identifying strengths.   

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