Rick DuBay - Behavior Consultant

           Welcome to the Student Support Center (SSC)

The Student Support Center is a place for intervention and planning which is designed to achieve positive changes in behavior through the use of established strategies and techniques.  We use an individualized approach as it relates to each situation.  Emphasis in the Student Support Center is on a continuation of the program focus of developing universal life skills, appropriate behaviors, and social skills.

The Student Support Center is one of a variety of strategies used to aid students exhibiting appropriate work-related behaviors.  Students are usually referred to the Student Support Center when their behavior is no longer acceptable in the work setting.  In the Student Support Center students are expected to be able to identify the behavior that brought about the referral, discuss alternative behaviors they could have chosen, and design, with assistance, an acceptable plan for how they plan to act in a similar situation.  

A student may be referred to the SSC for the following reasons, but are not limited to:
-Work site interventions have been unsuccessful
-The behavior was frequent or serious enough that other interventions were considered ineffective
-The behavior warranted an administrative decision for an in school time out or other disciplinary action

Contact Information:
Rick DuBay- Behavioral Consultant
                       Email: rdubay@livoniapublicschools.org
                       Phone # (734) 744-2810 ext 35121
Sherry Kosmalski - Paraprofessional
Jamie Ellwein - Psychologist
Janice Gonzalez - Social Worker