Greenhouse and Creative Arts Class

Welcome to the Greenhouse

Greenhouse and Creative Arts is a class that offers practical work experience as well as the opportunity to expand and explore individual creativity.

On any given day, the students can be found participating in one of several jobs, tasks, and projects including flower arranging, community landscaping, painting and mixed media art projects or working in our large commercial greenhouse. 

In the greenhouse, students learn every aspect of plant care beginning with the seeds and ending with a mature plant. Planting a seed or taking a cutting from another existing plant, watering, spraying, feeding and then waiting patiently for results, leaves the students with a sense of real accomplishment. In addition, the valuable skills they are learning and mastering can easily be transferred to future employment or enjoyed as a leisure-time  activity.

In the classroom, the students have unique opportunities to explore their personal creativity as they learn and develop skills such as painting and flower arranging.