Mrs. Munday's Madonna Class
Mrs. Munday's Madonna Class

Your student will remain in the class for the entire school year.  For those students that are in the A.M. class, I will be their case manager.  As case manager, I will be responsible for scheduling IEP’s, handling questions, concerns and other issues if they arise.  For those students who are in my P.M. class, I will be in charge of their locker assignments and their keys.  If you have not done so already, please send in an extra key ASAP!  Forgetfulness happens a lot with keys, and it is great to have a back up key in case they do forget their key.  
The Madonna class will meet in room #3 on the main level of the WWSC every day.  Monday through Thursday we will begin each class session in our room before boarding an LPS bus to Madonna.  The A.M. leaves at 8 am and returns at 9:55 am.  Specials class and lunch follows.  The P.M. class will board the bus at 11:30 am to go to Madonna.  We arrive back at the WWSC at 1:25pm followed by specials and dismissal.  Please keep our community days and times in mind if your student is being picked up or dropped off by you.  We can make arraignments to have them sit in another class if needed to accommodate.  On Fridays we stay at the WWSC for the day.  Students will focus on job training, job safety, Universal Life Skills and NCA lessons.  We will also have our Functional Academics class with Ms. King and our regularly scheduled special.
It is important that your student is able to follow the safety and demonstrate appropriate job site behavior.  Working well with co-workers, trustworthiness, following directions and dressing appropriately will be taught and monitored closely.  There is no specific dress code, but clothes must be clean and neat.
Please contact me if you have questions/concerns when they arise.  I look forward to great year with all of you!
Amy Munday
Phone: 734-744-2810  ext: 35809