Fitness Instructor


   Physical Education and Health Education is designed to promote fitness, health, and lifelong recreational activities. This class will include cardiovascular training, weight training, team building activities, a variety of sports, recreational activities, and health lessons. During each lesson the students may perform a variety of exercises, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, loco-motor skills, and drills related to sports and fitness.

     Some of the activities covered in this class are, but not limited to: aerobic classes, muscular endurance training, walking, jogging, snow shoeing, team building activities, basketball, pickle ball, bowling, frisbee golf, skill development for sports, rules of sports, and health lessons.

The students will be graded on three areas: Participation, sportsmanship, and utilizes fitness/sports equipment correctly. Each area will be grades using a 1-5 grading scale.

1 = The student demonstrates the skill 0 - 29 percent of the time

2 = The student demonstrates the Skill 30 - 49 percent of the time

3 = The student demonstrates the Skill 50 - 74 percent of the time

4 = The student demonstrates the Skill 75 - 89 percent of the time

5 = The student demonstrates the Skill 90 - 100 percent of the time           

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email. I’m looking forward to having a fun, healthy, and active year.             


Monday – Muscle Making Mondays (muscular endurance activities)

Tuesday – Total Body Tuesdays (cardio combined with muscular endurance activities)

Wednesday – Workout Wednesdays (cross training activities and health lessons)

Thursday – EnduranceThursdays (cardio activities)

Friday – Fitness Fridays (sport related activities)