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Welcome to the JC Penney Class!

Students in the JC Penney class receive community based instruction at the JC Penney store at Westland Mall four days a week.  While at JC Penney, students receive instruction in various job tasks, social skills, IEP goals and Universal Life Skills.  Some of the work skills students learn are sizing clothing, organizing merchandise, dusting throughout the store, hanging shirts and clothing on hangers, unpackaging shirts, sorting hangers, putting cardboard into the baler, straightening merchandise, buttoning and zipping clothing and other work tasks that arise.  Students are supervised closely while learning and receive support in becoming as independent as possible.  Students take a 15 minute break in the employee lounge to learn social skills in a retail environment.  Other social skills we cover are working cooperatively with peers, staff and employees, greeting employees and customers, how to conduct themselves in a retail setting, and developing mature behavior for adult living.  A requirement of the class is to follow the JC Penney Dress Code policy.  No cell phones or electronic equipment are permitted in the class.  Students attend one Special four days a week and two Specials days we stay back in the building.  Students stay back one day a week to work on Advance Ed. curriculum, Craft Show participation, as well as a wide range of instructional activities.  The JC Penney employees and management are welcoming and supportive to our students and the WWSC program.

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