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Western Wayne Skill Center
Clerical Skills and Technology
Mr. LeClerc 

Clerical Skills and Technology class always includes working on the Western Wayne Skill Center curriculum Universal Life Skills and Individualized Educational Plan goals for each student.

We focus on learning business and clerical skills as well as components of basic technology and computer skills. These skills are useful towards future employment opportunities for students.
In the Clerical portion of class, these skills include simple filing and alphabetizing, recycling paper products, shredder preparation, shredding, filing and keeping the work area neat. We address other skills including; invoicing forms, completing order forms and keeping track of supplies or products.

The Clerical Support class also takes orders from other Skill Center teachers and classes. We prepare copies, make die cut letters for signs and posters and laminate paper items for the school or other classrooms.

We work very hard in the 'work room' here at the Skill Center. Students sort folders and papers, prepare papers for shredding by removing staples, paper clips and bindings. Students use an industrial shredding machine to shred old , outdated papers. Students may use the laminating machine when a lamination order is received. We also make copies and die-cut letters for teachers and classroom posters. Students deliver the completed orders to individual classrooms and teachers.

In the Technology portion of class we work on basic computer skills such as using the mouse and the keyboard. We work on recognizing and using computer software, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. We use Google, You Tube, and other internet based learning tools. Point and click, drag and drop and using various visual tools like Google Images will assist the class to enhance technology skills. Each student has a username and password in order to 'log on' during some lessons. 

The Clerical Support class also has a recycling team that collects old used paper from each classroom. Our recycling team goes around to each classroom once a week and transfers paper from small blue recycling boxes into large blue recycling bins. This paper is then shredded and taken to the recycling center in Livonia.