WWSC Wood Shop
Fun, Creative, Entrepreneurial

Students in all grades pursue projects of their own choosing. This open curriculum is designed to motivate students while promoting creativity and independence in the Wood Shop. Students are taught to safely use the most basic tools, such as the sanding block, hand drill, hammer, coping saw and rasp. As students' skills improve, and as their projects become more complex, they are taught more sophisticated techniques using the same basic hand tools. Students may use the band saw or scroll saw  when necessary, but only with close supervision. When a student is interested in a project that is technically beyond his or her skill level, the teacher and student work together to refine the idea to a point where it is feasible for that student to approach.

The goals of the Woodshop program are for students to:

  • learn the safe and proper use of hand tools, and build upon these skills over time;
  • learn worker safety skills
  • explore leisure recreation though woodworking

The underlying objectives of the Woodshop program are to:

  • promote creativity 
  • Universal Life Skills Curriculum
  • IEP goals
  • prepare for the workforce.
  • encourage thoughtful decision-making;
  • foster confidence as students plan and carry a project through to completion;
  • promote cooperation as students work together.

Below are some specific school details you may need to know.

Students Absences: Do not call in our system will notify you of a students absence.

Teacher: Any questions or concerns you have during the year may be directed to me at (734) 744-2810, ext. 72312.  Messages may be left on my voicemail, or a note may be sent in with your student.  I will contact you as soon as possible. Please note that I may be involved with student needs and may not be able to return the call until later in the day, so the best time to reach me by phone is before school.  You can also email me at nstorey@livonia.k12.mi.us I check it regularly throughout the day.

Student Supplies: Students are responsible for arriving to class prepared to work.  They will need a folder of some sort (to carry papers back and forth from classes) , a pencil,  and their  ID card.  Students must carry their  ID card at all times.  A replacement fee of $5 is charged for any lost cards.  A wallet, purse or fanny pack is helpful for carrying lunch money and their ID card. Girls need extra personal supplies (such as sanitary pads and underwear) and changes of clothing to keep in their lockers in case of an emergency.

Lockers: Each student will be assigned a hall locker.  Any issues with lockers should be resolved promptly.  Please advocate for your student if you are aware of needed changes. Changes may be made if needed by the program.  Please send in one or two extra keys for me to keep.  Our students will often misplace their key right before busing... which can make the student miss the bus or have his lock cut off if the custodian is available.

Students who can manage a combination lock will be given the opportunity to use a combination locker.  Please remember that the lockers are narrow and cannot accommodate any large, bulky items or overstuffed book bags.

Lunch money is generally deposited in the school account and monitored from home from our website. 

I hope this information is helpful; if you have any questions or concerns about anything, please do not hesitate to contact me at (734) 744-2810 ext. 72312

Email: nstorey@livonia.k12.mi.us

Once again, WELCOME!


Mr. Storey