My Links
This is a great website for families throughout Michigan to receive information, education, and to connect families with children with disabilities together.  They can assist you with knowing your rights, communicating your students' needs, and provide you with advice on how to help your student develop and learn.

Although this website lists grades K-5, don't let it fool you.  The grade levels for the games generally control difficulty levels and game speed.  A couple of the games I have used in previous classes and recommend for continued practice include:  Money Bingo and Keyboard Invasion.

This website has a great interactive game for counting coins.  It is great for students who are struggling with counting/adding coins, skip counting (by 5's, 10's etc.), and who like to manipulate objects.  This particular practice session also has sound.  There are other topics offered on this site, as well.

This website is full of interactive math activities and games for students. Select a math topic and grade level (K-8) and learn math the fun way. There are also links to sister sites for spelling and vocabulary.

A partner with the American Job Center Network. This website is not just for students. Adults of all ages and from all backgrounds can find useful information to help them determine if a job is right for them. There is a LOT on this site, and I highly recommend you take some time to look through it!

This link takes you to a specific typing tutorial that covers all the basics.  This particular tutorial has sound and great graphics to help users identify and locate specific keys. 

This is an entire set of typing lessons.  This will keep track of how much time students spend practicing, the number of words per minute (WPM) they are typing, and the number of times they attempted a specific task.  Students who struggle with reading or who are unable to read will need assistance with this site.‚Äč  (This link tends to be "temperamental."  If it does not work, please copy and paste the web address into your browser.)