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Students will be learning to identify Poison Ivy and Poison Sumac as part of this class.  Sometimes while working outside, we do encounter it.  We will be taking precautions (i.e.: wearing gloves) and students will NOT be expected to touch or remove it.  However, the rash may still occur if a student (or staff member) comes in contact with it.

I will be using the following website to help teach students about this plant:

*There are some graphic photos of severe reactions to the Urusiol found in the plant.  Please view these with caution, but it is important for students to learn how to identify the plants so they remain safe.

Students will be instructed to get a staff member if they suspect a plant is poisonous, and if it is, students will be instructed to leave it alone.  Students will be removed from these areas - they will NOT be working in it if at all possible/as soon as we know it exists.