CBI at Perrinville

Welcome to the class! My name is Kim Fortner and I will be teaching the Perrinville class this year. The classroom paraprofessional is Lesley Hoskin.

Class Requirements

Students enrolled in the Perrinville class are required to have a couple of documents on file before the start of the school year. The first document is proof from your doctor that students have had an updated TB test. The second document is required by law from the Family Independence Agency stating that students have not been placed on the Central Registry for Substantiated Abuse or Neglect.

Course Description

Perrinville is a realistic job training opportunity for students in a child care setting. Some of the specific duties are to assist the teacher with their classroom preparation, interact with the children and model positive behavior. Students will leave for Perrinville at 9:30 and return back to school by 1:15. Students are expected to follow safety rules as well as school rules while at LTP and at Perrinville.

Course Objective

This is a hands-on class designed to teach appropriate work behaviors needed to be successful in the workplace. To accomplish this goal, students will identify and develop skills that are transferable from one occupation to another.

Couse Outline

The focus of the class is learning positive worker skills and what employers expect in the workplace. Listed below are some of these skills.

  • Following Work Place Rules                   
  • Problem Solving
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Safety
  • Teamwork
  • Initiative
  • Indpendence
  • Attendance and Punctuality                       

Student Responsibilities

Students should dress appropriately for their worksite. They may wear jeans and a t-shirt, however they may not wear saggy pants, low cut shirts or dangling jewelry. Their clothes should be cleaned and unwrinkled.

Punctuality and attendance are also important components of the class. Students should notify their teacher in advance if the expect to be late or absent.


Students will job train at Perrinville five days a week and eat lunch at the site. If students plan on bringing their lunch please note that Perrinville is a peanut free school. Students should not pack a lunch with any peanut products. If students with to purchase their lunch or have a free or reduced lunch they will be provided a bag lunch made at the Skill Center.