The Citizenship Skills class focuses on the skills needed to enhance community involvement.  The class will study community resources, responsibilities of a citizen, stranger awareness and safety in the community and reading indoor and outdoor signs. 
The class will have lessons addressing the Universal Life Skills that is a central part of the Western Wayne Skill Center.

The class will participate in service projects. At this time, the class is making blankets for patients at Oakwood Hospitals, decorating bags for the Northville Civic Concerns and collecting money for UNICEF.

The Citizenship class has a custodial component to teach worker skills.  The students clean tables, chairs, lockers, door knobs and dry mop floors.

The class will have lessons on Career Awareness that highlight entry level jobs.  The students will practice interviewing skills.

The class will have lessons that address the Western Wayne Skill Center AdvancEd School Improvement goals.  The goals include personal information, money skills, IEP goal awareness and identifying strengths.  A "Sharky Math" worksheet has been developed for the students to practice the "dollar more" method.  Students may bring money on Fridays to buy items from the school store. 

My phone number is 734-744-2810 ext. 35141