Mrs. Jarvis - Program Specialist

You are in the right place if you are exploring a placement for your student with a moderate cognitive impairment at the Western Wayne Skill Center or the Franklin Transition Program at Franklin High School.

For more information on the Western Wayne Skill Center or the Franklin Transition Program, please click on the corresponding link in the menu on the left.


Referrals for enrollment are initiated by the Resident School District. Parents who are interested in having their student referred to the Western Wayne Skill Center or the Franklin Transition Program must contact their Resident School District staff or Special Education Department to discuss their request for a referral. The Referral and Enrollment Process is described in detail in the Referral and Enrollment Information section of my web page (the link is located in the upper left corner of this site) .

I look forward to meeting and working with students, parents, and sending district staff of potential students.

School Districts Served by the
Western Wayne Skill Center and
Franklin Transition Program



Garden City 




Plymouth Canton

Redford Union


South Redford

Van Buren

Wayne Westland